The Objectives of the
Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Association 

  1. To be advocates for bowhunting with all forms of traditional archery equipment that include primitive-bows, longbows, self bows, flat bows and recurve bows which are hand-held and drawn and released by muscle power.
  2. To be a political voice to promote, enhance and preserve traditional bow hunting
  3. To promote and preserve the historic, archeological and cultural importance of the traditional bow and arrow.
  4. Endeavor to pass  on, our knowledge of the art, history and science of traditional archery to our youth and others.
  5. To unite traditional archers for the promotion and enhancement of traditional archery activities, wherever that may be.
  6. Provide venues for our members to enjoy camaraderie, fraternity, and archery events, including bow hunting.
  7. To promote conservation through actions. 
  8. Support, liaise, and or affiliate with organizations that are working to preserve and enhance conservation, hunter education, bow hunting and hunting.
  9. Recognize that this organization is only as strong as the volunteer commitment and to honor our volunteers.
  10. To live by our Creed

Our Creed

That as members, we have selected traditional bow-hunting as a significant hunting interest.

As a bow hunter we will only cast an arrow at an animal when the probability for a clean harvest is high.

That as members of the ATBA we shall follow the rules of fair chase as documented by the Pope and Young club.

That as a member, we will act as ambassadors to all fellow hunters we meet in the field.

As a member we will treat everyone we meet in the field with respect, dignity and fairness.

As a member we will respect the wildlife that we hunt, in life and in death.

As a member we will respect all landowners and render all landowners blameless in case of misadventure while on their land.