The Executive of the A.T.B.A. would like to give special recognition and acknowledgment to those members and non members that take the time to CONTRIBUTE to the Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Association and help the association reach their goals. Without people stepping forward... these events could not take place and the association would not exist. Please take the time to thank all those contributors that have helped in the past and those that contribute in the future. We try are best to keep track of all those that have contributed at one time or another but as you all know some fall through the cracks...

If you know of someone that has help out at one of these events and their name is not listed please take the time and let us know either by phone or email with subject Missing Unsung Hero.

The Executive, Non Executive, The Quiver & Web-Master

  • Mark Barber President
  • Rainer Oebels Vice-President
  • Jeff Wilson Youth Director
  • Mitchell Elser Treasurer & Membership (Interim)
  • Mitchell Elser Communications
  • Dennis Dobrowolsk Director at Large
  • Tim Duggan Director at Large
  • Peter Merkley Director at Large
  • David Sherwin The Quiver Editor
  • Calvin Briggs Web-Master

Area Coordinators

  • Justin Black
  • Randy Hermann
  • Tucker Grose
  • David Sherwin
  • Darren Thompson
  • Dick Gwatkin

Heritage Classic Jamboree 2016

  • William Radiff
  • Christina Radiff
  • Randy (Sam) Quintal
  • Rainer Oebels
  • Ron Quintal
  • Roseanne Quintal
  • Mitchell Elser
  • Tim Duggan
  • Tim Pardely
  • Cheryl Pardely
  • Mark Barber
  • Jean-Marc Cazabon
  • Benjamin Dobrowolsky
  • Tracy Neal
  • Peter Merkley
  • Dennis Dobrowolsky
  • David Sherwin
  • Gerda Sherwin
  • Ken Schwartz
  • Ray Garrett
  • Clayton Schoepp
  • Clint Schoepp
  • Halaina Schoepp
  • Don Aellen
  • Randy Hermann
  • Evan Renn
  • Jim Renn
  • Anthony Hodson
  • Jason Doherty
  • Cole Bessete
  • Pete Bessete
  • Phil Doherty

A.T.B.A. Events

Techno Hunt 2016**January - April

  • Calvin Briggs
  • Brian Down
  • Brittney Down
  • Pat Ward*
  • Fiona
  • Kat
  • Pete Ward*

Future ATBA Event

Public Relations

Calgary Boat & Sportsmen Show ** February 2016

  • Tracy Neal,
  • Tucker Grose
  • Rainer Oebels
  • Mark Barber
  • Sandy Hrycyk
  • Lee Barber
  • Mitchell Elser
  • Dave Iredale
  • Kathryn Iredale

Edmonton Sportsman Show**March 09 - 13 2016

  • Rob Speedie
  • Bryan Down,
  • Yves Blouin
  • Gord Read
  • Yves Blouin
  • Louis Martineau
  • Mark Hooper
  • Logan Seifrit
  • Roger Murray (Bear)
  • Dallas Demers
  • Brittney Down

Cabelas Windermere Edmonton**April 09 - 10 2016

  • Mark Hooper
  • Dallas Demers

* Non Member Unsung Heroes

** Date contribution was made

Lets not forget all those that have volunteered for so many years (-) in various positions in the past and present.
Executive, Non Executive, The Quiver & Web-Master

  • Mark Barber (7)
  • Rainer Oebels
  • Jeff Wilson
  • Sandy Hyrcyk (4)
  • David Sherwin (10)
  • Yves Blouin (6)
  • Randy Hermann
  • Dennis Dobrowolsk
  • Justin Black (2)
  • Peter Merkley (5)
  • Calvin Briggs (10)
  • Rob Speedie (5)
  • Bryan Down (5)
  • Terry Brew
  • John Schneider (1)
  • Gary McCartney
  • Gunter Lemke (10)
  • Duane Hicks (5)
  • Pete Ward (1)
  • Pat Ward (1)
  • Jack Kempf (1)

Special Recognition & Thanks From The President Mark Barber

  • Bryan Down for letting the A.T.B.A. store equipment and supplies on his property for so many years.
  • Kevin Henkleman for his assistance each shoot and the beautiful custom arm guard for the long distance shot winners.
  • Orst Popal and Tim Pardelle for a massive contribution in hard cash and equipment for the 2013 HCJ. A rough guess in cash is over $2000. Also for coordinating the HCJ 2013
  • Jack Kempf for all the Custom bows he has built and donated over the years.
  • Tracy Neal for his contribution in 2013 while living in England took a drive and found a large rock of English flint and reduced it to small pieces for our traditional steel and flint fire and tinder pouch gift. He also negotiated with an English Blacksmith and after several long trips at his own expense had 100 deadhead fire steels made. We paid for the steels in the end but not the time, mileage and shipping.
  • Harold Dootsen for┬ádonated knives for many years which he made himself.