Hello Fellow A.T.B.A. Members;

The A.T.B.A.
Web-Master Message

Let me introduce myself, my name is Calvin Briggs a long time member of the A.T.B.A. I look forward to shooting my Traditional Equipment any chance I get whether it be Hunting, Stump Shooting, 3D targets and yes the Techno Hunt System. I also enjoy the company of my fellow Traditional Bowhunters whether in the field or out practicing our skills. There’s no doubt it's a challenge and takes plenty of practice to be good at placing an arrow were you would like it to end up.The feeling is incredible, It's something I'm sure most of you feel already and the rest of you will soon feel.

My hat is off to all the past executive, present executive and all members trying to keep the A.T.B.A. moving ahead. I would like to personally thank each and every one of them for their contribution.

It's also so been an enjoyable challenge re-doing the A.T.B.A. Web-Site. But I believe the work on the web-site will never be done. I hope you enjoy the new layout and any new additions we have added. Which leaves me with a few requests. I need your help to improve your web-site. I'm going to give you a list of things I could use some help with.

  1. Trophy Room Photos: First of all keep them coming and send the best quality image you can send. It's a whole bunch easy to work with good quality.
  2. Record Book Images: Each species of animal has a photo on the page. I think it would be great if the photos were taken by one of our members. I would acknowledge the photographer beside each photo. I would use my discretion to which photos I we would use. Quality of image and best fit would be the two mane factors.
  3. Area Coordinators: If you are an area coordinator, I'm looking for a scenic photo of some place in your region, if possible something maybe unique to that region. I would use my discretion to which photos I we would use. Quality of image and best fit would be the two mane factors.
  4. Events Calendar: We have a Google Events Calendar that you can link to your Google Calendar to keep you up to date with any events going on. The Calendar could use some substance. If you have a traditional event going on in your area sent me the information and I will do my best to get it post ASAP.
  5. Bulletin Board: We also have a Bulletin Board to keep you up to date on A.T.B.A. News or things the A.T.B.A. may need your help with.
  6. Bows & Arrows: Don't be afraid to take some photos of your equipment in the field. Some of the photos we have now look great. All I ask is send the information about your equipment. Other members that view these images are always curious about what Bowyer made your bow and what materials were used.
  7. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the web-site let us know. We are try to keep the website working with as many devices as possible. If any of your devices don't seem to display or function properly let me know what device you are using?

If you can help me out that would be great. I'm looking forward to your replies.

Calvin Briggs