The A.T.B.A.


Shed Hunt

Come to the Annual General Meeting (date to be announced) each year and have your sheds scored and win great prizes.

Three categories; Two prizes for

Largest Shed Found

Most Sheds Found

Time frame for collecting sheds is from one A.G.M. through to the next A.G.M.

This contest is open to any A.T.B.A. member in good standing and any shed that fits the above three categories’ found within the specified time frames. All sheds must be found in Alberta. Scoring will only take place at the March A.G.M. and the winner will be based on the highest percentage of Pope and Young.

Being that A.T.B.A. members are all honorable…….this contest will be “on the honor system”.

So folks, there you have it….Another great opportunity to get outside and another great reason to attend the upcoming A.G.M. Organize a group shed hunt, get the kids involved in the search, make it a family deal.