Techno Hunt 2018
DART League

Final Friday Results

Another Final Friday has come and gone, 15 out of the 16 who qualified were able to attend this years final Friday. From what I could tell fun was had by all... Great shooting,lots of laughs, pizza was good, lots of prizes.

I would like to thank all those that helped out at this years Technohunt. A special thanks from myself to Matt, Goran, Fiona and Pat Ward who were a tremendous help this year taking on the week to week activities.

We owe a great thanks to Richard and Doris of Trophy Book Archery for letting us have another great year.

With the help of many participants purchasing door prizes for Final Friday and after all expenses the ATBA Technohunt event was able to purchase at Rinehart’s exotic Vanpire Bat target  that can be used on the youth course at future HCJ events. Thanks to all that did donated door prizes, with the number of participants down during regular season we likely would not have been able to give back to the ATBA...So thanks again, this 3D target will get plenty of use.

Calvin, Matt, Goran & Fiona

With a special thanks we would like to thank all those that help us out with prizes.

Matt, Goran & Fiona, Jack Kempf, Don Alan, Yves, Loui, Ray, Roger, Calvin

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James from final round awarding Calvin the trophy.

"Congratulations Calvin"