The Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Association is a young association setting out to preserve the traditional style of bowhunting in Alberta. 

In order to accomplish this we felt it would be important to be a province wide association. We have divided the province of Alberta into 16 regions using the Alberta Government's Sustainable Resource Development W.M.U.s.

In those regions we will have Area Coordinators. The responsibilities of an Area Coordinator will be as simple as getting the traditional bowhunters together and have some fun sharing stories, stump shooting, hunting or what ever you can dream up. It doesn't even have to be archery related.

 If you are a Traditional Bowhunter in Alberta and you are interested in becoming one of the Area Coordinators? Go to the Regional Map and check out which regions are still available. If the region you would like to represent is still available contact our President directly. The president will explain what your responsibilities would be.  

The presidents contact information is available on the Executive Page. Or email the A.T.B.A. Webmaster and have them forward it to the president.

The Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Association Focus

  • Focus primarily on the promotion of hunting with traditional archery equipment.

  • Promote and preserve the historic and cultural importance of the traditional bow and arrow and those individuals who have dedicated themselves to its purpose.

  • That as a "member", you are committed to the support and fostering of ethical bowhunting across the globe in all places to hunt.

  • That as a member, you have selected traditional bowhunting as a significant hunting interest.

  • That as a member, you will act as an ambassador to all fellow hunters you meet in the field. You will treat everyone you meet in the field with respect, dignity and fairness.

  • As a member you will respect the wildlife that we hunt in life and death.

  • Create and promote opportunities for members to gather for the purpose of camaraderie, fellowship and learning.