The Quiver...

is the name of our newsletter and it will be the voice of the Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Association. I encourage our members to help make The Quiver a success by submitting any articles they feel other members maybe interested in.

Our association has members spread out across Alberta and found it very difficult to keep in touch with all the various news and events. All though we have this web-site not all our members have access to the internet. We felt it would be to our best interest if we produce a newsletter with the up and coming news and events as well as a place for our members to publish their hunting stories or picture, wild game recipes and much more.

A.T.B.A. Members: Once your done reading your next edition of The Quiver. Done discard it... pass it on.

If you would like help us cover the cost of the news letter with an advertisement. Rates for advertising are on the request form. The Quiver Advertising Request Form