ATBA-ABOUT US-Creed of the Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Association

   Our Creed:

  • That as members, we have selected traditional bow-hunting as a significant hunting interest.

  • As a bow hunter we will only cast an arrow at an animal when the probability for a clean harvest is high.

  • That as members of the ATBA we shall follow the rules of fair chase as documented by the Pope and Young club.

  • That as a member, we will act as ambassadors to all fellow hunters we meet in the field.

  • As a member we will treat everyone we meet in the field with respect, dignity and fairness.

  • As a member we will respect the wildlife that we hunt, in life and in death.

  • As a member we will respect all landowners and render all landowners blameless in case of misadventure while on their land.